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We share a number of common problems within the ecosystem with the Earth ecosystem. Problems don't appear on the surface, but those are getting bigger and fiercely worse day by day than we think. Everyone has heard of environmental problems at least once and has put a lot of effort to fight such problems at hand.

New Earth focuses on solving major environmental problems, including exhaust gas, energy production, and food waste. In addition, we are stating other services such as online shopping malls, which are secondary topics of our New Earth platform.

New Earth


Exhaust gas problem

According to AFP, the US's International Council on Clean Transportation announced the research results on the 20th that diesel vehicle emissions are the leading cause of premature death due to air pollution. The research results showed that about 385,000 people died prematurely from automobile emissions in 2015, and 47% of them were affected by diesel vehicle emissions.

Exhaust gas is toxic particulate that not only threatens human health, but also endangers the ecosystem with greenhouse gas components. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless component that is harmful to the human body, and when inhaled in large amounts, it binds with hemoglobin in the blood and causes carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms including haziness, mental disorder, dizziness and headache.

Energy production

Fossil fuel generation amounts to about 70% of global power production. When fossil fuels are used in this way, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides containing impurities, which remain after energy use, are all emitted as gaseous and particulate matter, but they are released into the atmosphere, causing the following major environmental problems.

Respiratory diseases

Particulate matter, which is the residue of sulfates and nitrogen oxides contained in fossil fuels, has been pointed out as a serious cause of bronchial asthma, and soot in industrial areas has caused serious pollution in various places including asthma.

Global Warming

Carbon dioxide is necessarily included in the exhaust gas of means of transportation such as automobiles and aircraft, as well as exhaust gas emitted from factories and thermal power plants that use fossil fuels. It is more difficult to remove than sulfur oxides. In addition, sulfur is a substance that can be sold when extracted, but carbon dioxide is useless and most of it is released into the atmosphere as it is because there is no carbon dioxide emission regulation in factories etc.

Food waste problem

Food waste is generally cooking waste such as vegetable waste and food waste discharged from restaurants or homes, such as accommodation facilities that provide dishes. In most cases, these wastes go to decay.

Recently, cooked and processed foods have been increasing, such as instant foods, frozen foods, and retort foods. In addition, the tendency to use the restaurant chains for intensive cooking such as fast food and family restaurants increased, and food waste related to cooking such as vegetable waste and fish bones in general households decreased. Rather, the amount of food waste discharged from food processing plants or restaurant kitchens that manufacture the food is increasing further.


Combination of blockchain technology

A smart contract, the core of blockchain technology, is an enforceable electronic contract executed by meeting conditions, based on a blockchain network that encompasses payment by cryptocurrency and the execution of other potential automatic functions.

The benefits of smart contracts have significant implications for almost any business. The most notable advantages are accuracy, transparency, security, efficiency, and trust.

New Earth platform

We can operate smart leasing system by utilizing block chain technology. But, Many users continue to use the product without paying the rental fee or returning the rental product even after the rental payment deadline. Through the smart contract of blockchain technology, however, if the rent is overdue in excess of the predetermined limit, the operation of products such as electric bicycles and electric kickboards can be stopped automatically.

  • Electric bicycles and electric kickboards
  • Indoor bicycles
  • Wearable bands
  • Solar panels
  • Food waste microbial extinction treatment
  • Online shopping mall
  • Project to create a growing company for the environment

Green emission

We aim to build a New Earth platform that enhances eco-friendly circulation by giving benefits to users who use New Earth products. Users can use our platform to lease products such as New Earth electric bicycles and electric kickboards, and acquire New Earth Coin(NEC) emissions by purchasing New Earth products related to the environment in our online shopping mall.

In the future, New Earth will support after-sales service and parts purchase service. The New Earth platform will continue to expand and strengthen the eco-friendly circulation by consolidating resources, and apply a unique mining method called green emission based on these characteristics.

New Earth platform

New Earth platform

The New Earth platform allows you to acquire New Earth Coin(NEC) as a reward for the use of eco-friendly power devices such as electric bicycles and electric kickboards, the use of eco-friendly energy sources such as solar power generation for homes, indoor bicycles, and food waste microbial extinction treatment, and for the purchase of products related to the environment in online shopping malls.

This is a unique platform that promotes the use of as well as interest in eco-friendly energy sources, and the New Earth Coin(NEC) paid as a reward is a payment type and utility coin designed on the basis of Ethereum.

Reward System

The New Earth is not just cryptocurrency, but it contains the meaning of making people healthy and cleansing the earth through movement. Therefore, doing these actions contributes to the eco-friendly circulation ecosystem pursued by New Earth Coin, rewards people for their own movement to keep people healthy, and rewards actions to participate in eco-friendly policies that clean the planet.

Users can obtain emission rights for New Earth Coin(NEC) rewards by using New Earth's eco-friendly products. After that, they can receive the value obtained by dividing the sum of the total product weight by the daily emission value of the product and multiplying the emission weight value of each product as New Earth.

Sharing Platform

The sharing economy, which increases efficiency by sharing with others, is now a global trend. From sharing lodging to sharing vehicles, more and more people value experiences rather than ownership. There are increasing attempts to create economic benefits through sharing services in various fields.

New Earth Coin aims to create new value by combining the Green Revolution in this era of sharing to provide various businesses and services. We have an even greater goal of solving environmental problems in an effective and durable way, and smart contracts and sharing rental services based on green emissions will be the first key to achieving that goal.

New Earth Coin Products and Services

Electric bicycles and electric kickboards
Electric bicycles and electric kickboards
New Earth Coin's electric bicycles and electric kickboards are one of the most powerful means to promote health and green revolution. We will carry out sharing mobility business based on the philosophy of sharing economy. Electric bicycles and electric kickboards are the means of transportation whose user base is not limited by age, gender, and social background, and are suitable for getting rewards and earning profits while traveling short distances or taking a short walk in a park or riverside.
Greener's main business targets are college students and office workers in their 20s and 30s, actively targeting their consumption tendencies and content use tendencies, expressing the 'good will' that everyone has, and implementing marketing that instills awareness that they are participating in the environmental movement.
Indoor bicycles
Indoor bicycles
One of the ways to promote indoor exercise is to make people ride a bicycle at home and recognize the amount of exercise as green emissions. Even without actual movement, the rotation of the bicycle is tracked and transmitted to our server. And since there is a limit to the speed that humans can achieve, the average rotation rate can be filtered.
This product is an indoor health bike incorporating IoT technology, and it can implement games and exercise programs through interactions linked with apps with wireless connection via Bluetooth and smart phones, smart pads, IPTVs, and PCs. Therefore, it is the best product for the New Earth Coin franchise or the existing gymnasium that wants to join the New Earth Coin franchise.
  • Easy operation
  • By linking indoor bicycles and mobile devices via Bluetooth and connecting them to a wireless network, you can store and manage exercise history using various contents such as games, training, and fitness programs in real time. It is possible to manage exercise history in various forms such as daily, monthly, and graph and autonomous exercise to program exercise, exercise mode such as training mode, enabling green emissions through systematic indoor exercise.

  • Momentum ranking system
  • The product is equipped with a sensor that can detect the forward and backward directions and measure the movement of the pedal in real time, enabling smooth interaction with New Earth Coin content by accurately determining and quantifying the momentum.

Food waste microbial extinction treatment
Food waste microbial extinction treatment
In order to solve the food waste problem, New Earth Coin provides a one-stop environmental solution for organic wastes of the characteristics of 3 No 3 Low of no food waste leachate, no odor, no harmful ingredients, low salt, low fat, low ammonium, time saving, space saving, process integration by studying, developing and cultivating specialized strains that can destroy organic waste without wastewater and leachate within 24 hours and making machinery suitable for strain activity.
New Earth Coin plans to install and operate food waste extinction devices in residential facilities such as apartments and villas, accommodation facilities such as hotels, pensions, condos, and catering establishments such as buffets and restaurants, as well as various facilities that generate food waste.
Solar panel
Solar panel
New Earth Coin's energy storage-linked solar panel is our first step to supply clean energy in a modular approach. Not only can users generate electricity for their own consumption, but they can also sell the generated electricity to KEPCO or to individuals.
  • New Earth Coin's solar panel can produce clean energy to protect the global environment
  • It can at least reduce the cost of electricity by using natural resources to generate electricity for free
  • There are three ways to make profits by mining New Earth Coin(NEC)s.
The modular approach is the most suitable methodology for the proliferation of large-scale, centralized clean energy alternatives, and innovation takes a lot of time and resources. However, any home can install energy storage-linked solar panels to generate self-consumption power. And New Earth Coin will be happy to repay this courageous choice.
Wearable bands
Wearable bands
Wearable bands are widely used in the fields of medicine, sports, and security. Wearable sensors can detect abnormal and unpredictable situations and monitor physiological parameters and symptoms through these activity trackers.
New Earth Coin's wearable band is not only a digital watch that tells you time, but it also keeps track of the distance you walk and calories burned. In addition, with its function that notifies the heart rate, this product can transmit your body condition to the server during exercise and can be also used in various ways.
Users can motivate themselves to take care of their body and go on a diet through exercise, and receive New Earth Coin(NEC)s based on user exercise data sent to the server as a reward for self-participation in being healthy.
Online Shopping Mall G Point Mall
Online Shopping Mall G Point Mall
Now is the era of digital finance in which you can easily manage your own assets with just a few touches. This convenience is attributable to IT technologies such as Internet banking and digital currency, and digital financial services continue to evolve as such IT technologies develop.
In this digital finance era, New Earth Coin plans to provide a highly complete online payment service and a point discount system to facilitate the use of our online shopping malls so that you can conveniently use shopping and payment with just a few touches on mobile and PC. G Point Mall sells a variety of products related to the environment and applies a reward policy according to the purchase of its eco-friendly products.
  • G Point Mall reward policy
  • Purchasing eco-friendly products produced in consideration of the environment, that is, “green products” that minimize the input of energy and resources and the generation of greenhouse gases and pollutants is an eco-friendly consumption activity that considers the environment. New Earth Coin provides points that can be used at G Point Mall or New Earth Coin(NEC)s through its own application as a reward for consumption activities that purchase eco-friendly products.

Company for the environment
Company for the environment
If the subjects of economic activities of companies in the previous era were mainly working in the ‘three-dimensional space,’ the recent corporate stage is completed only by adding the dimension of ‘time’. This is because if we consume resources recklessly and discharge environmental waste continuously to live well now, it is natural that the resulting damage and restoration will be aggravated as the burden of our descendants.
To this end, New Earth Coin intends to work with you on a project to create a “green company” that can greatly contribute to environmental improvement through remarkable reduction of pollutants, resource and energy saving, product environmental improvement, and establishment of a green management system. It will take a lot of time and effort, but we believe that this move will shed great light on future generations.

New Earth Coin Token Information

Token Name

New Earth Coin

Token Symbol


Technology Base

Ethereum ERC20 Standard

Total issued amount

5,000,000,000 NEC

Contract Address


Coin Distribution Information

New Earth Coin Team

No Young-woo
CEO / Blockchain Planning
  • Management Manager of G-Solution Plus
  • Management Manager of Edu Solution Plus
  • Executive Director of Q-Pay
  • Outside Director of J&U Global
Jang Ho-joon
Blockchain law advisor
  • CEO of Piction Network(Listing on Upbit, Coinone)
  • Department of Business Administration, Seoul National University
  • Law School, Hanyang University
  • Representative Attorney of Law Firm Samyool
  • Advisory attorney, Economic Crime Investigation Division, Gangnam Police Station
  • Consultant of Korea Creative Content Agency
Go Hyung-gyung
Blockchain tax advice
  • Representative Tax Accountant of Tax Firm Daekyo
  • Expatriate in Japan
  • Japanese and Chinese advice
Shalva Machitidze
Blockchain, Software Developer
  • Synectics.Dev - CEO of Software Development Company
  • Bitcoin Official Group - CEO of Blockchain Marketing Company
  • Magical Innovations LLC - Blockchain Development, Director of Technology Development Company
Kostadin Terziev
Blockchain, Software Developer
  • CEO of E-carsbg
  • Dopamine gaming - Software Developer
Dima Dimenko
  • Gx0 CBEO - Development Officer
Vincenzo Varagona
  • Rei Trade(Media Company / ltalian listed company) - Copyreader
Kim Young-min
Chief Marketing Officer
  • CEO of Zico Kostag
  • PR Manager of G Solution Plus
  • PR Manager of Edu Solution Plus
  • PR Director of Q-Pay

New Earth Coin Roadmap

  • 2020 Q3
    • Released New Earth Coin website, coin, white paper
    • Opened G Point Mall
  • 2020 Q4
    • New Earth platform construction and sequential release
    • Listing on exchange
  • 2021 Q1
    • Green emission operation / Cooperation with local governments and institutions
    • Explored pathways to enter the energy business / Prepared for carbon credit review
    • Food waste disposal business / Launched a growing company for the environment
  • 2021 Q2
    • Linkage with large-scale affiliates
    • Development of eco-friendly solar energy
    • Enhancement of G point mall
  • 2021 Q3
    • Partnership with eco-friendly organizations and government
    • Carbon offset, linkage with carbon projects
    • Listing on global exchanges
  • 2021 Q4
    • Participated in New Earth Coin government support policies and programs
    • Additional listing on global exchanges


Contact Us

  • contact@new-earth.io
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